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Jeep Classifieds

Jeep ClassifiedsOne of the best ways to save money when building up a Jeep is to use parts other Jeep owners have left over when they upgrade to the next level. When Jeepers upgrade to the next level, someone one level down usually gets a pretty good deal. Case in point is the 4.5 inch Rubicon Express Extreme Duty suspension we bought from a Jeep club acquaintance for $600 less than that kit costs new. $600 is a lot of money to me. This was a good deal not only because of the price but also because the springs were only about a year old and were still in excellent shape. The guy who sold them to me was upgrading his Jeep to the next level and had these sitting in the garage collecting dust.

I was lucky enough to find this deal on my Jeep club website but there is a more centralized way to look for good deals on used Jeep parts - Jeep Classifieds. They’ve been around for a long time, in internet years. We added this website to JeepsOnly way back in 2002. Over 37,000 clicks later, we’ve never had a single complaint about them. I’ve even used them personally to sell some of my Jeep parts. As a buyer, you can see parts from all over the country or by state. As a seller, you can list your Jeep or Jeep product for sale for free. You only need to pay if you get responses and want to see them.

A quick check of parts for sale this week include a Jeep Comanche (MJ) in Texas for $1,600, a Jeep CJ snowplow for $300, lots of DJ Postal Jeep parts, Wrangler TJ full doors for $900 and Jeep Jamboree and 50th anniversary decals for $17, to name a few. There is a decent selection of Jeep parts for all kinds of Jeeps - about 600 ads as of this writing. While I would like to see more, 600 classified ads does offer a pretty good selection.

Competition-wise, there is another Jeep Classifieds in the JeepsOnly directory that appears unrelated. The other site has fewer ads but I’ll put it in queue for review some other time. Alternatives include the “for sale” categories on some of the popular Jeep discussion forums such as Jeeps Unlimited, Jeep Forums and Jeepaholics. Also check with local clubs, especially the large local “virtual” Jeep clubs like the Arizona Virtual Jeep Club (AZVJC), the Tennessee Virtual Jeep Club (TNVJC) and the New Mexico Virtual Jeep Club (NMVJC). And then there is always eBay.com , the worlds largest online “classified” system.

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