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Tellico Trail Guide
November 14th 2006 @ 1:24 pm Missing Links

Note: If you’re getting this page after clicking the link to “Tellico Trail Guide” on JeepsOnly, it’s because that web page is not working at this time.

Tellico Trail Guide - Missing LinkThe Upper Tellico OHV area outside Murphy, NC is one of the most famous trail systems in the US. It’s been called the “Moab of the east” for it’s variety or scenic and hardcore rockcrawling trails. Located on the Tennessee, North Carolina border, its location just south of the Great Smokey Mountains National Park gives some indication to the splendor of the scenery on the trails. Tellico, as most people call it, is managed by the US Forest Service and is open 365 days a year. Access to the park is only $5 or $10 per vehicle per day, depending on the time of year. Camping is available.

I Love Jeeps had a great trail guide for Tellico that has recently gone missing. Apparently the page didn’t survive a website redesign. This is too bad, as there aren’t many Tellico area guides available. This is one of the first links we added back in 2000 and thousands of users have clicked it over the years. While there is no official Tellico website, Tellico4×4 provides an alternative to the missing “Tellico Trail Guide” link:

Tellico4×4.com - an un-affiliated online store with a few pages dedicated to the OHV area.

For more information, try a Tennessee or North Carolina Jeep Club such as the Tennessee Virtual Jeep Club.

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  • Link: Ilovejeeps Tellico Trail Guide (archived - not working)

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