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Gulches Off Road Vehicle Park
October 16th 2006 @ 12:58 am Recently Added

Gulches ORV Park websiteBack in May I learned about a brand new offroad park opening in South Carolina called Gulches ORV Park. This is great news for Jeep enthusiasts on the east coast, since 4×4 trails are few and far between compared to out west. So I called park owner Skip and asked for some more details and this is what he told me:

Gulches ORV Park is 80 acres of private land on a river, loaded with lots of smaller obstacles like a tank trap, rock crawling area, etc. Runs are all marked clearly. It’s about 30 minutes from Greenville, SC and there are lots of 4×4 shops within an hour. Camping onsite available with notice and some electric is available. Lots of parking for trailers and some RV’s. Portapotty provided. As far as we’re aware, this may be the only 4×4 park in South Carolina. It’s located in the northwestern corner of South Carolina, about 3-4 hours from Tellico (see map link below). Price is $15 per day per vehicle (plus a one-time $5 membership fee), which is comparable for east coast OHV park access. 4×4 riders guests and visitors are $5 each per day.

The Gulches ORV Park website is packed with information about the park, including trail descriptions, pictures and even video of 4×4 action on the trails. It always seems to load nice and fast for me, despite the incredible overnight popularity. In a note explaining the recent addition of advertising on the website, park management reveals they’ve received over 50,000 hits (a hit is recorded every time an object is loaded from the site. Each graphic/photo that loads is a hit.) in a short period of time. Some visitors reported viewing problems in browser other than Firefox.

Checkout the website and support a home-grown park. Skip tells me he built this thing out of a love for offroading and doesn’t expect to make much or any money on it. It’s a labor of love and I personally appreciate the effort.


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