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Stu Olson’s Jeep Site
April 26th 2006 @ 4:58 pm Popular Links

Stu Olson Jeep SiteStu Olson has become a legend in the online Jeep community. If you’ve spent any serious time online looking for Jeep how-tos and modification ideas, you’ve probably seen his name and chances are you’ve been one of the 611,000 visitors to his site since he began tracking stats almost 6 years ago. Stu started out documenting his upgrades, maintenance tips and fixes completed on his 89 XJ and later his 98 Jeep Wrangler TJ called “Lady”.  Fast forward several years and he’s accumulated a sizeable encyclopedia of Jeep knowledge that doesn’t just apply to TJ’s. I’ve personally used his notes on making a K&N Filter Pre-Charger, installing a hand throttle, Putting TJ D30 shafts into a YJ, Ford 8.8 Rear Axle Swap tips, ARB locker installation and much more. One of the nice things about Stu’s site is the level of detail he goes into, usually with lots of pictures (he also has some videos). My understanding is that Stu is some kind of engineer so it makes sense he pays attention to details.

If you’ve got some free time, Stu Olson’s Jeep Site has a lot to offer. Be sure to check out his trip reports, videos (Moab, Terminator, the Cracks and all over Arizona), product reviews (JP Cooler, Nightstar LED Flashlight, Raingler Nets and more) and do-it-yourself articles (convert a 12 Volt cordless drill into a wired 12V trail drill, how to build your own TJ horn alarm and more) while you’re at it.

The design of Stu’s site is pretty basic looking with not a lot of graphical flashiness. Don’t let that fool you, though, this is one site you’ll want to bookmark, regardless of what model Jeep you own. It’s definately at the top 10 of my own personal list of favorite Jeep sites.

One final note, if you find Stu’s site useful and you end up spending hours there like I do, consider sending him a few bucks to help with his hosting bill. He also has some videos and DVD’s for sale in his video section.

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