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How Tos : Engine Upgrades

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  • Jeep 258 TFI ignition upgrade - Upgrade your ignition, so that your Jeep will idle better, run smother, produce more horsepower and getbetter fuel economy with this simple ignition upgrade - (Added: 27-Nov-2000)
  • Valve Cover Makeover - Make your engine compartment look cleaner with this easy project. - (Added: 22-Mar-2001)
  • 1981 4.2L Engine Torque Specifications - Torque specifications for the 1981 Jeep 4.2 Liter six cylinder inline engine. Contains the torque specs for all the bolts, fasteners, nuts, etc attached to the engine. - (Added: 9-Sep-2004)
  • ECM Bypass for the 4.2l 258 - The "Nutter" Bypass method. For 4.2L BBD Jeep engines, you can bypass your ECM (Electronic Control Module) to eliminate problems with an older Jeep. - (Added: 5-Nov-2002)
  • Engine Oil Filter Study - Comparing oil filters. The writer purchased, dissected and analyzed major oil filters. - (Added: 1-Sep-2001)
  • Hand Throttle Install - TJ - Make your own custom hand throttle for your Jeep TJ. (note - this shows a European TJ so the engine compartment is opposite from the US model TJ). - (Added: 27-Feb-2003)
  • Homebuilt TJ snorkel - This write-up describes installing a homebuilt snorkel in a TJ - (Added: 23-Mar-2004)
  • Installing the K&N YJ FIPK - Project Raptor was one of the first two YJ's to receive the K&N YJ FIPK. The FIPK kit contains a new cone air filter as well as new tubing and a heat shielf for maximizing air intake effeciency. - (Added: 1-Jul-2003)
  • Jeep Grand Cherokee ZJ Snorkel - Build a snorkel for a Jeep Grand Cherokee (ZJ) at home using cheap materials found in any hardware store. - (Added: 17-Jan-2005)
  • MAD - Motor And Diagnosis - Information source for trouble shooting, repair and maintenance for the Jeep Grand Cherokee (ZJ). - (Added: 16-Apr-2001)
  • Rubicon Express Universal Hand Throttle - With this inexpensive product, you can set the throttle at a particular RPM and just go. It's also great when starting on a steep hill...especially in a vehicle like a YJ that doesn't have a hand brake. - (Added: 11-Nov-2002)
  • Swapping a 4.0 into an 85 CJ7 - Scotty's 1985 Jeep CJ7 restoration which includes swapping a fuel injected 4.0 from a 95 Grand Cherokee into a 1975 CJ7. - (Added: 14-Mar-2002)
  • Throttle Body Spacer on the 2.5 Litre - The instructions may assist in the installing a Throttle Body Spacer for your TJ with a 2.5. I Purchased the 4.0L from Airaid. - (Added: 2-May-2001)
  • YJ Radiator Replacement - This write up will show you the basic steps of the replacement of a radiator in a 95 YJ with the six cylinder engine. The process is very simple and probably the most time consuming part is draining and refilling the anitfreeze. This would also be a very good time to replace the upper and lower radiator hoses if they need to be replaced. - (Added: 30-Mar-2004)
  • ZJ Electric Fan Swap - This write-up describes the installation of an electric fan from a Ford Taurus into a ZJ - (Added: 24-Mar-2004)

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