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How Tos

How Tos : Communications

  • Installing a CB - How to install a CB in your Jeep, especially the TJ. Also covers the antennae. - (Added: 17-Feb-2001)

How Tos : Drive Train

  • Building the ultimate Jeep Wrangler Dana 30 - How strong is the Dana 30 in a Jeep Wrangler? What can I do to upgrade My Jeep Wrangler Dana 30? Follow along with this upgrade on a 1994 Jeep Wrangler YJ with the Warn hub conversion, Warn alloy axle shafts, and a Detroit Soft Locker from Tractech. - (Added: 26-Nov-2000)
  • 30-Minute U-Joint Upgrade - Mike Hill shows us how to do a simple conversion that replaces your straps with stronger U-Bolts (especially for Dana 35 rears)! - (Added: 27-Jan-2001)
  • Ford 8.8 Axle Swap - Pictures and write-up on how to swap a Dana 35 for an 8.8 inch from a Ford Explorer. - (Added: 2-Aug-2001)
  • Axle ID Chart - How to identify the Dana axles in Jeeps. Includes the model, year used, Jeep models used in, ring gear size and axles specs. - (Added: 3-Feb-2002)
  • 8.8 Ford in a Jeep TJ - Installing a Ford 8.8 into a TJ, along with an ARB locker. - (Added: 26-Feb-2002)

How Tos : Engine Upgrades

  • Jeep 258 TFI ignition upgrade - Upgrade your ignition, so that your Jeep will idle better, run smother, produce more horsepower and getbetter fuel economy with this simple ignition upgrade - (Added: 27-Nov-2000)
  • Gain 10 HP on a YJ for FREE - How to remove the tapered horn from the air intake on the I6 and possibly the 4 cyclinder to gain an extra 10 HP for FREE and in minutes. - (Added: 25-Apr-2001)
  • Valve Cover Makeover - Make your engine compartment look cleaner with this easy project. - (Added: 22-Mar-2001)
  • 8.0 Litre Viper TJ - Need more power? How about a V10 from a Dodge Viper for your TJ? - (Added: 6-Aug-2001)

How Tos : Restoration

  • How To Repair Rust Spots - For some time, my Jeeps been developing some pretty nasty rust holes in the side. Here are the steps I took to fix the problem. - (Added: 24-Feb-2001)

How Tos : Suspension

  • How to do a Spring-Over-Axle (SOA) - This particular SOA was done on a YJ with lift springs, but will be similar for most vehicles. Includes parts lists and everything! - (Added: 21-Jan-2001)
  • Actual Speed Calculator for Larger Tires - Ever wonder how far off your speedometer is with your new bigger tires? By using a simple ratio calculation, this info will only approximate your corrected speed and depends on the accuracy of tire size diameters (assumimg nothing but tire size has changed). If you know specific information about your vehicle (gear ratios, RPM, etc.) then use the Gear Ratio calculator, it's probably a little more accurate. - (Added: 11-Apr-2001)
  • How to install a 3.5 inch Superlift - Everything you need to know in order to put a 3.5" Superlift on. The information in this works for just about all lifts... - (Added: 7-Oct-2001)

Jeep Internet Portals

  • Jeeps Unlimited - The ultimate Jeep website covering Wranglers, Cherokees, Grand Cherokees, and more! Original articles, reviews, forums, action pics, videos, and more for your CJ, YJ, TJ, XJ, ZJ, or WJ. - (Added: 2-Dec-2000)
  • I Love Jeeps - is one of the most comprehensive Jeep sites on the 'Net with over 1100 unique Jeep and 4x4 related links in a searchable database. Includes info on all makes of Jeeps from XJ, Cherokee, Wrangler, TJ, YJ, CJ and MJ models. - (Added: 10-Dec-2000)

Manufacturer Sites : Bumpers

  • BPI Fab - Manufacturers of Trail Tuff® bumpers for Jeep (CJ, TJ, & YJ), Jeep Cherokee. Based in Denver, CO. - (Added: 2-Dec-2002)

Manufacturer Sites : Offroad Trailers

  • Rubicon Cargo Trailer Manufacturing - Rubicon Cargo Trailer manufactures THE extreme off-road trailer designed for use with Jeep CJ-5, CJ-7, Wrangler and other SUV's. For camping, hunting, fishing or other recreational activities, our trailers are built to last. - (Added: 14-Feb-2001)
  • 4x4 Trailers Ltd - We feature the most versatile and toughest built Sport Utility Trailer (S.U.T.) trailers in the industry. As seen at many 4x4 events. - (Added: 11-Mar-2001)
  • Safari Trailers USA - Safaritrailers USA, the ULTIMATE offroad camping experience. This is something any civilized outdoorsman can't live without. Shipped from Oakland, California. - (Added: 5-May-2001)
  • Adventure Trailers - Rugged off-road trailers built for the Rubicon trail, hunting & fishing, surfing Baja, remote desert & mountain exploration. Equipped with water, fuel, propane, and a rooftop tent these self contained trailers will get you where you need to go. - (Added: 29-Nov-2002)
  • Campa All Terrain Off-Road Camping Trailer - We are proud to introduce you to a new adventuresome lifestyle. The Campa ATT trailer enables you to enjoy those special remote areas in comfort and style. Begin “Living the Adventure” by examining our website for all the attributes of our Campa All Terrain Stainless Steel Trailer. You will recognize why the Campa ATT can truly claim to be the finest of their kind in the world today. - (Added: 1-Jun-2004)
  • Mil Spec Offroad Inc. - Custom offroad Military tough trailers. Hand-built quality using real suspensions with tires to 38". Extreme strenght ladder frames with triangulated tongues. You will not find a stronger trailer with more standard features at this price. Real-world trailers that put all others to shame. - (Added: 8-Mar-2005)

Manufacturer Sites : Offroad Trailers : Archived

Reader Sites : CJ

  • CayJay's Jeep CJ-7 page - Various information for the Jeep CJ-7 such as technical resources about the vehicle, pictures, and maintenance information. - (Added: 27-Apr-2001)

Reader Sites : Liberty

Reader Sites : Wrangler TJ

  • Beth James Jeep TJ - I just sold my 96 Wrangler TJ and bought a BRAND NEW 2001 Jeep Wrangler Sahara! - (Added: 15-Mar-2001)
  • 1997-2001 Wrangler (TJ) Frequently Asked Questions - The purpose of this frequently asked questions (FAQ) list is to provide a reference to people who have bought, or are thinking about buying, the 1997-2001 Jeep Wrangler. Many of these questions have previously been asked in the newsgroups and - (Added: 7-Sep-2001)


  • Surplus City Jeep Parts - Surplus City Jeep Parts provides automotive parts and accessories, including complete parts and service manuals for all military jeeps, trucks, and M-274 Mules and all civilian jeep models. Military Models: MB/GPW, M-38, M-38A1/M-170, M-422, M-151, M-37 Dodge 3/4 and 1-1/2 ton, M-715 Kaiser-jeep 1-1/4, M-274 1/2 ton Mule. Civilian Models: CJ-2A, CJ-3A, CJ-3B, CJ-5, CJ-7, Wrangler. - (Added: 2-Dec-2000)
  • Jeep Classifieds - A forum-type classified site, specifically geared towards Jeep enthusiasts. Buy and sell vehicles, parts, accessories and discuss packaging and shipping. - (Added: 2-Dec-2000)
  • Jeep Classifieds - High traffic online photo classifieds reserved exclusively for Jeeps. Sections include all models as well as dealers, parts and want ads. - (Added: 10-Aug-2002)

Shopping : Online Stores

  • Jeep World - our source for Jeep Accessories, Jeep Parts and Merchandise. Shop online! - (Added: 2-Dec-2000)
  • Fortec Jeep - A great source for Jeep Wrangler replacement parts and accessories. - (Added: 5-Feb-2001)
  • ACME Jeep Parts - 40 years of discounting parts and accessories for Jeeps. Thousands of products available online. - (Added: 11-Mar-2001)

Shopping : Salvage

  • J&W Auto Wreckers - 10 Acres of Willys, Jeeps, AMC's and Scouts! Located in Antelope California. - (Added: 5-Feb-2001)
  • AMC 4x4 Salvage - Since 1981 - New replacement parts, used and reconditioned parts racked and shelved on computer inventory. Nationwide parts locating system. UPS and Truck shipping daily. - (Added: 14-Aug-2002)
  • The Used Jeep - New And Used Parts for CJ YJ TJ - (Added: 3-Dec-2003)

Web Rings : Forums

  • Jeep Forums - Discussion forums for all models of Jeeps as well as forums on radios, lights, lifts, shocks, tires, wheels, off-roading, audio and more! - (Added: 28-Mar-2001)

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