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  • Barney Riley Trail - A review and description of the Barney Riley Trail near Markleeville, CA. The page incudes many photos and detailed maps of the trail. - (Added: 24-Apr-2004)
  • Barney Riley Trail - A review and description of the Barney Riley Trail with lots of photos and maps. This trail is located in the Sierra Nevadas east of Markleeville, CA - (Added: 16-Apr-2004)
  • Corral Hollow - A detailed review and description of the Corral Hollow trail in Calaveras and Alpine Counties. Maps of the trail and area are included. - (Added: 24-Apr-2004)
  • Corral Hollow - A description and review of the Corral Hollow trail in Calaveras and Alpine counties with trail maps you can download. - (Added: 16-Apr-2004)
  • Dusy Ershim Trail - A description and review of the Dusy Ershim trail in Central California. Includes free trail maps you can download - (Added: 17-Apr-2004)
  • Fordyce Creek Trail - A description and review of one of the most difficult trails in the Sierra Nevadas. Includes recommended equipment and maps. - (Added: 16-Apr-2004)
  • Guide To Off-Highway Vehicle Areas - A guide to the six State Vehicular Recreational Areas (SVRAs) operated by the California 0ff-Highway Motor Vehicle Recreation Division (OHMVR) providing approximately 92,000 acres of Off-Road areas. - (Added: 17-Apr-2004)
  • Hungry Valley OHV Area (AKA Gorman) - It's good for a quick afternoon run or a weekend of exploring, and close to many other trails. There's lots of stuff for motorcycles and dune buggies, and a few rough areas (nothing crazy, but still fun) for the modified 4Wheeler. Most any stock 4x4 will be able to handle the terrain, but we doubt you'll leave with all of your paint. - (Added: 25-Dec-2000)
  • Jeep Action Videos - Jeep Video Clips and information. Vehcile tests, product evaluations, trails in the Big Bear Lake, CA area, 4x4 driving tips - (Added: 24-Feb-2007)
  • Las Coyotes Indian Reservation - Las Coyotes is a smorgasbord of off road terrain, with obstacle difficulty ranging from "Piece of cake!" to "Please, Lord, get me through this?" Having at least one locker is recommended. Complimentary California Pin Striping is guaranteed. - (Added: 25-Dec-2000)
  • Ocotillo Wells, CA - 186 pictures and a LOT of text! This is the behemoth New Years trip report! - (Added: 27-Jan-2001)
  • Pardoe Trail - Pardoe Trail goes up past Silver Lake along Squaw Ridge. The trail dead ends after 15 miles and about 9250', above the tree line. The upper trail is part of the historic Emigrant Trail. Most of the trail can be driven in two wheel but it does have some difficult areas such as the Rock Garden. - (Added: 25-Jun-2004)
  • Rubicon Trail - The Rubicon Trail is the "granddaddy of trails." Most of 18 miles of trail consists of large boulders and rocky terrain. - (Added: 25-Jun-2004)
  • Rubicon Trail Information and Links - Information specific to the Grandaddy of all off-road trails, The Rubicon Trail. Guides, groups, books, video's, review's. How to build your rig to be "Rubicon Ready". Equipment reviews and more soon. - (Added: 24-May-2003)
  • - Touted as "the official site for Rubicon Trail information, Harold Pietschmann a look at the mother of all U.S. trails from both a beginner's and an expert's perspective. - (Added: 20-Nov-2000)
  • Sideways on Bronco Peak - Words from a man who rubbed his elbow on the Earth for the first time. This roll-over occurred at Bronco Peak near Lake Morena in Southern California. - (Added: 7-Oct-2001)
  • Slick Rock Road - A detailed description of the Slick Rock Road in Alpine County. A review, pictures and free maps of the area and trail are included. - (Added: 24-Apr-2004)
  • Sun Bonnet - The Johnson Valley OHV located less than a two hour drive north east of Los Angeles. - (Added: 26-Jun-2001)

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